31 May 2012

Beautiful Lee Yoon Ji’s recent days after ‘The King 2hearts’

Actress Lee Yoon Ji revealed a selca in which she looks like the prettiest doll.
Lee Yoon Ji tweeted on May 31st, “Third day of interviews pouring out (Lee) Jae Shin.. Without filtering, without leaving any behind”, along with a picture.
The picture appears to have been taken while Lee Yoon Ji was getting her hair done. Lee Yoon Ji is wearing a white short sleeve T-shirt. Lee Yoon Ji’s eyes are big and beautiful, the line of her nose fine, and the V-line of her chin looks perfect. As she tweets, “Third day of interviews”, she shares her busy schedule of late with the fans.
Netizens commented: “Lee Jae Shin… I can’t forget her”, “It was possible to rediscover Lee Yoon Ji through ‘The King 2hearts’, and “I guess she’s busy since ‘The King 2hearts’ was popular too.”
Lee Yoon Ji played the role of princess Lee Jae Shin on MBC drama ‘The King 2hearts’ which ended on May 24th. Lee Yoon Ji’s great acting on ‘The King 2hearts’ has earned her much praise from the critics as well as the viewers.
Source: OSEN via Nate

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